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Larry Vetter - 07-01-2017
First time looking at the website--so sad that Jerry Sampson passed. I went to UT Austin and Karen Carlson passed when I was a junior--she was not on the list.
Harriette Dodson Allison - 10-14-2011
I am so ashamed that I have not attended any class reunions. I did know about the 10th but unable to make it. However, I plan on making the 40th reunion. My memory improved after pulling out the Carillons. Hope to see you all soon!
Robin Garrison - 10-11-2011
This is great. Came in to update my information since I seem to move every three years or so and looked around. I am not firmly planted in beautiful Downtown Fort Worth and loving it.

Hope to see everyone again.
Margie Hume Carmichael - 10-29-2008
I am sick that I had to miss the 35th- I was so looking forward to it- Susan you outdid yourself - We had a death in the family and had to leave town at nthe last minute- Believe me I was there in spirit- There is just something about this group of people that I will never ever forget and always want to see again and again-- we  were lucky then and we are lucky now- It was wonderful to look at all the faces of my dear classmates and friends- I guess i iwll just have to wait to the 4oth to give hugs and- kisses- Susan you did this as a tribute to Richard Simmons who so wanted us to have a 35th reunion- we talked about that the last time we saw him- He would have loved it and been right there in the big middle of it all- I am sure he was- love to you all- Margier
marie-elena waldrip - 10-26-2008
The live chat and photos posted made me feel I was  there! Thanks Sue!
Everyone looked happy and having a great time- Wish I could have been there-
It brought back many wonderful memories! Hope to be there for the 40th!
Best wishes to all!
Elyse Segal Rosenberg - 10-25-2008
After being part of the committee for the 10th, 20th and 30th reunions, I find myself unable to attend the 35th. We left Houston 3 1/2 years ago to move to Scottsdale, AZ. Having retired from a family business after 28 years, I now do volunteer work at Scottsdale Healthcare hospital, as well as serve on the board of directors for the Auxiliary of the hospital. Many meetings keep me busy.
Hope everyone has a fantastic time and I am sorry to miss it. Thanks to Susan Grossman for working so tirelessly on this.
Oh, and Hook 'Em Horns!!!!
David Van Pelt - 10-24-2008
Well I finally landed a job back in Houston after 15 years out of state and what do they do, transfer me out of state right before this 35 yr reunion.  I doubt many remember me, unless you were out by the backstop.  I was there more than in class for sure.  Looking at all the pictures brought back memories of folks I didn't spend a lot of time with.  Attendance wasn't my best trait.  Hazel Thompson ( my home room teacher) could have written a book about my excuses for not being in class.  What a sweetheart she was.  Hope you all have a good time at the reunion and maybe I'll make it back for the 40th.
Antonia Colias - 10-23-2008
Wish that I could attend this reunion.  At least I'm consistent -- in the sense that I never have been able to attend ANY of them !  My husband is in France on business, so I must be here as parent for the four children.  

Best wishes to everybody !

Antonia Colias
(formerly Toni Oakes -- and endlessly relieved to be free of that childhood name of 'Toni', which I couldn't stand)  (aha ! There's my 'confession' for the record.)  
Mary Devereux Nantz - 10-17-2008
35 years?  Make me feel older than I already do.  Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend the reunion this time around.  My mom's 80th birthday is that weekend and hopefully all 6 of the Devereux kids will be here.  It is tough for us all to be in the same place at the same time.  My older brother (Francis) is coming in from Virgina and hopefully Richard (Dr. Devereux) will make it in from Florida.  The rest of us (Janet, Andrea and James) are still in the Houston area - although my job has kept me in AZ and NM 50-75% of the time for the past couple of years.  Nothing like coming home to the dog's showing their teath and my husband (Paul) saying 'Who are you'.

I was going through some boxes of photos the other day and found a photo from the 20 year reunion -- Sandy, Shirley, Laura, Lana, and me.  It sure brought back some good ole' memories.  Cheers to you all!  And have one for me!
bruce hazen - 08-27-2008
It is fascinating to look at photos and have  memories from 35 years ago. We have all gone our own ways, I am glad I moved to the northwest. I worked on a wildland fire hotshot crew. Enjoyed it and still work on wildfires in the summer. Currently I work for the U.S Forest Service in Oregon and hike up remote wild and scenic rivers and survey plants and fish. I know it is a tough job. Can not get good bar b que or mexican food here. Take care.
Jim Simpson - 08-03-2008
  Delighted to find the site and that there are so many active members...
I am still in the Exotic Sports Car business and not only restore old mostly Italian sports cars, but also custom build sports cars my own design=,  here on Whidbey Island in WA state where we have lived for 12 and a half years.
 I am also a national Concours Judge... and attend Pebble Beach every year, I have two of my restorations that will be on the field at Pebble Beach this year.
 I have a wife of 24 years now (Jan) ( married late as did she first marriage for both of us) and a 16 year old son Alex... We are all very active in music and Jan and I sing in a barbershop style quartet (Under the Radar)... Alex has been very active in Musical Theater since he was 4 and a half years old and is no stranger to lead and supporting lead roles. Alex teamed up with one of his friends this past year to try his hand in Speach and Debate in the Interpretive Duo competitiono and won the State competition first time out... ( wish I had his talent !:-)
  We come back to Houston every summer for the Classy Chassy Concours that is held at Reliant Stadium where I have been the Chief Judge for the last 5 years...  Classy Chassy takes place every June, many of you I am sure have seen the billboards... if your interested...
   Doubt I will be able to make the reunion this year too many trips already scheduled... bummer...
Wishing you all well and will lok forward to getting some pics posted when I figure out how...      
Warmest regards to you all
Jim Simpson
Charlie Dean - 07-12-2008
So Easter's throwing the party.  It took long enough. See ya there!
Linda Peacock - 07-03-2008
Hello everyone! I am so sorry I won´t be able to join you this time. I would have, but have already booked ny round trip ticket to and from Denmark and am travelling from Hoúston to Denmark Oct. 18! That´s the pits. I could change it but wont as I have to be back to submit my absentee ballot´.

This is really frustrating as I was looking forward to seeing yáll again and I was one of those agitating for a 35th reunion. But so be it. Our Country and our World is going to pot and I hope to make whatever differnce I can, by supporting and voting for progressive Democrats this coming election. We may even be able to turn the tide in TX and that´s why I have to make sure that my vote is counted. Hope each and every one of you will vote too.

Please post photos, etc. from the reunion, as I am so sorry I will miss it.  

Hope to see yáll in 2013.

Ellen Patterson - 08-20-2007
I am also looking forward to the reunion.
Evetta Tyser Robbins - 08-18-2007
I'm looking forward to our 35th reunion!

See Ya'll there

Evetta Tyser Robbins

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